Belstow Technologies

Welcome To Belstow

Belstow Technologies has been involved in traffic law enforcement systems including the supply and installation of digital speed camera and red light camera systems as well as Traffic Back Office Contravention Management Systems. (Legal Process Back Office Systems)

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Our Services

We offer turn-key solutions to Traffic Law Enforcement bodies that include:

Supply of enforcement equipment such as:

  • Mobile and fixed Digital Speed enforcement cameras
  • Fully equipped Traffic patrol vehicles
  • Digital License Plate recognition Systems
  • Traffic contravention processing back office systems

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Rendering of support services including:

  • Back 0ffice service centres
  • Internet empowered remote back office processing
  • Internet viewing facilities for camera fines
  • Collecting outstanding traffic fines
  • Serving of traffic summonses country wide
  • Operating call centres to trace offenders
  • Training for learners and drivers